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Flower CBD Blue Cheese [Hydro]

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The CBD Blue Cheese flower and a hybrid, from a cross between the Blueberry and the Cheese, the Blue Cheese is a predominant variety Sativa. His fruity flavors recall a delicious cheesecake. Behind the fruity flavors there are wooded notes.

The CBD rate of the CBD Blue Cheese flower

With its more than 10.0% CBD, it must be said that the Blue Cheese is one of the most powerful varieties available on our site. In addition, her inheritance Indica makes her very effective in fighting against theAnxiety Stress, and muscle pain and nausea.

The unique taste of the CBD Blue Cheese flower

The Blue Cheese is iconic. This variety of cannabis is essential in the hemp world, considered a high -end CBD flower.

The Blue Cheese offers fruity flavors, there are wooded notes. Very soft on the palate like a cheesecake. When you test it, you will also feel a pronounced taste of red fruits, especially wooded and cheese, coming from its magnificent buds.

The virtues of the flower cbd blue cheese

The CBD Blue Cheese flower is famous for its therapeutic virtues. It is ideal for fighting against stress, I'anxiety and the pain. This powerful flower offers therapeutic benefits, if you are looking for a legal cannabis flower to relax the Blue Cheese variety and made for you!

Consumption modes of the CBD Blue Cheese flower?

To fully enjoy the benefits of the CBD Blue Cheese flower and the flavors of this cannabis flower you will have the choice between several consumption modes.

The Blue Cheese in infusion:

The CBD Blue Cheese flower will be perfect for enjoying the benefits of all hemp herbal fans. To prepare your CBD infusion nothing simpler. You need water that you are going to be heated, with a fatty body (milk, butter) For example, to fully enjoy cannabidiol is flavors of cheese blue.

The Blue Cheese in vaporization:

Vaporization makes it possible to inhale vapors rich in cannabinoids, all without the disadvantages of combustion! To do this, use a planned spray as the grass vaporizer, place a small amount of flower in the room before heating and inhaling.

The Blue Cheese in combustion:

It is to smoke the CBD Blue Cheese flower. However, this method of administration directly impacts the lungs and promotes the appearance of potentially serious respiratory diseases.

The Blue Cheese in the kitchen:

With its unique taste, this medicinal cannabis flower will be perfect for creating delicious hemp desserts! Its unique flavor will go perfectly with fresh fruit to enjoy a perfect moment of relaxation and pleasure!

Important information:

Sale prohibited for minors.

This product should not smoke.

Product not recommended for pregnant women.

This product is not intended to treat, cure or treat all diseases.

Free information :

The consumption of this cannabis flower is legal because its THC rate is less than 0.3%. The CBD Blue Cheese flower comes from variety inscribed in the European agricultural catalog.

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