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Flower CBD Limoncello [Hydro]

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Discover the famous CBD Limoncello flower, indoor culture, the Limoncello reveals pleasant notes of lemon and sugar, a cannabis flower predominantly Sativa. If you are looking for a flower of CBD high -end at the best price, the flower of CBD Limoncello is for you!

A CBD flower with a lemony and original taste?

Cannabis lovers know this, there is nothing better than an original and fresh taste in terms of CBD. That is why, we let's do the maximum To bring you the best in this direction. This is the case with this CBD flower which offers you a taste of fresh lemoncello.

Thanks to its lemon and sugar notes, this cannabis flower will allow you to discover a new universe. Overall, it is the result of a cross between theAmnesia CBD and the Super Lemon Haze. Flowers appreciated for their sweet and delicious flavor.

The CBD Limoncello flower, what benefits for you?

The time when everything that punctuated cannabis was prohibited is over! Technology has evolved and now makes it possible to separate the components from cannabis. This reveals the non-dengereous compounds for the consumer who are legal, and those deemed at risk still prohibited.

Among the legal compounds, the CBD is the most popular and closest to the original cannabis plant. You can consume it legally in France when it respects legalizations (rate THC is less than 0.3%) And thus benefit from benefits such as: its soothing and relaxing effects; its energizing side; its virtues for your health.

How to eat this CBD Limoncello flower well?

To smoke ? NOPE ! This is exactly what you should not do. This cannabis flower must be taken in infusion or vaporization.


Just dip your flower in hot water like a classic herbal tea. Associate a fatty body with that (milk, vegetable oil, cream, butter) which will allow the flower to release all its molecules. Such a solution will be very beneficial in the evening to prepare for a deep and restful sleep.


You can use your usual vaporizer. This method is much faster to get the elements out of the flower without altering them. It keeps the original aromas and the benefits of the CBD flower are not diluted. It is still recommended to use your vaporizer at 180 degrees Celsius for better sensations.


This method consists in smoking the flower of CBD Limoncello. However, Dynamite CBD absolutely does not recommend this practice, for obvious reasons. Indeed, the lungs are directly impacted. This promotes the appearance of respiratory diseases potentially very serious.

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