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CBD Moonrock Flower - 43%

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The Moonrock is a unique CBD flower of its kind it is aimed at the consumer experimenting. The CBD Moonrock flower stands out from the other varieties of hemp leaves its very high rate in CBD, it can reach 50% see 70% of cannabidiol. The CBD Moonrock Flower is made from a mixture of CBD pollen  skuff. Indeed this product and high quality which exclusively includes the best elements of cannabis.

The benefits of the CBD Moonrock flower?

stress anxiety. Likewise, the CBD contained in the CBD Moonrock flower would reduce the sensations of pain and inflammation.

How to consume the CBD Moonrock flower?

This cannabis flower must be taken in infusion or vaporization. Combustion take is not recommended in the sense that the lungs could be directly impacted.


just dip your flower ofCBD  (milk, cream, butter…) 


Be sure to use a suitable spray as the grass vaporizer for optimal experience. Place the flower in the combustion chamber and heat between 160 and 180 degrees.

Is the CBD Moonrock flower legal in France?

The consumption of this cannabis flower is legal because its THC rate is less than 0.3%. The CBD Moonrock Flower comes from a variety inscribed in the European agricultural catalog of approved varieties.

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