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Fleur-CBD-Wedding-Cake-Hydro Dynamite CBD
Fleur-CBD-Wedding-Cake-Hydro Dynamite CBD

Flower CBD Wedding Cake [Hydro]

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The CBD Wedding Cake flower was born following a cross between two other varieties of well -known cannabis: the girl scout cookies and the Cherry Pie. The result is a CBD flower whose sweet and earthy taste, notes of vanilla and spices. This variety of cannabis is perfect for enjoying pleasant mental stimulation and getting rid of stress and anxiety. Cultivated in the rules of the art by the best producers of Swiss hemp. In addition, this cannabis flower and rich in CBD, but contains less than 0.3% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). So you can be sure to consume a legal CBD flowers, and of impeccable quality.

The powerful benefits of the CBD Wedding Cake flower?

Well, whatever CBD, this cannabis flower can be consumed in vaporization or infusion. Indeed, her indivision inheritance makes her rather soothing on the physical plane, but her sativa side makes her slightly stimulating. In other words, you can consume this CBD flower in the evening to reduce your stress and anxiety level, but also to relieve your muscle and joint pain.

The scent of the CBD Wedding Cake Flower

With this variety of cannabis, it is a sweet and earthy taste, with notes of vanilla and spices that awaits you! Indeed, the Swedding Cake has powerful notes of vanilla and spices and in particular a sweet and earthy taste, very pronounced. In summary, the swedding cake is a powerful CBD flower in terms of taste and effects that has not finished surprising you.

How is the CBD Wedding Cake flower cultivated?

This variety of cannabis has benefits from the best conditions for its culture and is therefore cultivated in indoor, that is to say indoors. This cultivation mode provides the best CBD flowers and is therefore a high -end product. CBD flowers cultivated in indoor are very popular with amateurs because the quality is meeting! If you are looking for an optimal quality cannabis flower it is for you.

Characteristics of the CBD Wedding Cake flower

This variety of hemp has had an indoor culture for a high -end product.

Conservation in original packaging up to 6 months after opening, out of light and humidity.

You can consume this flower in different ways:
In infusion by adding a fatty substance (milk, butter for example) to fully enjoy the CBD.

How to consume the CBD Wedding Cake flower?

Consume the CBD Wedding Cake flower! You can do it in different ways. In infusion, vaporization or even in cooking. With the taste of this cannabis flower, you will not regret! This CBD flower will make you spend an unforgettable moment. Here are the different methods available to you to consume this cannabis flowers and take advantage of relaxing benefits.


You can make a herbal tea with the wedding cake, perfect for a moment of relaxation and for that, nothing could be simpler! It is one of the best methods to feel all the effects of the CBD and the taste of the wedding cake as much as possible. Simply infuse CBD flowers in hot water and a fatty substance must be added beforehand to take advantage of the effects of cannabidiol, because CBD is not soluble in water. Use a fatty body like butter, or milk for example, to allow the adhesion of the cannabidiol molecule.

In the kitchen

We can just as well use the wedding cake for our meals. This CBD flower has a sweet and vanilla taste, perfect for your dishes! The wedding cake will satisfy you with its unique flavors.


Vaporization is a mode of consumption which is close to combustion but which is much healthier than the latter. The vaporizers will heat the CBD flower to release the different cannabinoids present inside including the famous cannabidiol that interests us. They do not produce combustion.

To spray your cannabis flower place a small amount of the product in the vaporizer room and heat between 160 and 220 ° C. This method allows you to take advantage of the blessing of the flower without the disadvantages of smoking.

By combustion

Combustion, which is however absolutely not recommended because in particular negative effects that this can have very serious consequences for your health.

Is the wedding cake legal?

Yes, the CBD Wedding Cake flower is legal. It is a cannabis flower which contains less than 0.3% THC in accordance with European legislation, concerning the consumption of CBD products. Indeed, this variety of hemp flower, like all the others on our online store has a rate less than 0.3% THC, the threshold limit imposed by the legislation in force.

Important information on the CBD Wedding Cake flower

Sale prohibited for minors.

This product should not smoke.

Not suitable for pregnant women.

Do not leave this product within the reach of children.

Dynamite CBD cannot be held responsible for use other than that described above.


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