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Caramello CBD resin - 19%

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Cultivated 100 % organic, this CBD Caramello resin is an organic product that will surprise you with its taste. The one is unique and is wrapped in Haschich which will make you appreciate the moments spent with him. Its followers love its malleable and firm side which sets it apart. You will also appreciate its authentic aromas that recall caramel.

If you are concerned about the quality of the products you consume too. This is why, we carefully select the products we offer on this site. Regarding this CBD Caramello resin, it comes from the French factory Boulette Street. The latter is highly renowned for the quality of its products.

These always comply with the regulations in force which covers the production and sale of cannabis derivatives. For example, this CBD Caramello resin, although highly concentrated in CBD, contains less than 0.3 % THC (rate authorized in France). So, ready to taste this unique flavor?
Order now and benefit from the best market price. The higher the number of grams ordered, the better your delivery. Our shop aims to democratize the legal derivatives of cannabis to allow everyone to take advantage of it.

The aromas of the CBD Caramello resin - 19%

CBD resins have very pronounced aromas. The scent of the caramello resin is spicy, earthy. This resin gives off the smell of caramel, but which does not bother consumption.

The benefits of the CBD Caramello resin - 19%

CBD Caramello CBD resin is known to provide effects that are difficult to find in other products derived from legal cannabis thanks to its high CBD concentration. This unique product offers all the benefits of the hemp plant, and acts by reaching the body quickly.

How to consume a caramello CBD resin?

Several choices are available to you to consume your CBD Caramello resin to you to choose the one that suits you best.


To consume your caramello CBD resin in infusion nothing more simple. To fully enjoy the benefits of this infusion we advise you to add a fatty body (milk or cream) for example) to your preparation. So heat water and add your fatty substance before diving the product into hot water before infusing it for about 15 minutes.


This method of consumption is the healthiest and most often recommended! Indeed, just deposit a little of your CBD resin in a suitable vaporizer, which you will then heat until the CABD Caramello resin issues a smoke composed at 95% cannabinoids.


It is possible to cook to eat a CBD resin. This must be decarboxylated before being incorporated into your dish, sauce or other. The caramello resin and its aromas come to bring a more interesting touch to your kitchen.


This method consists in smoking the caramello CBD resin. However, we absolutely do not recommend this practice, for obvious reasons. Indeed, the lungs are directly impacted. This promotes the appearance of potentially serious respiratory diseases.

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