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Afghan CBD resin - 39%

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Afghan flowers are known to produce a highly concentrated resin in CBD. This CBD Afghan resin is pride of consumers looking for quick results. It stands out for its fairly significant taste with wooded and peppery notes.

It has a slightly spicy aftertaste that will make you happy after inhalation. So, ready to take action? Order your Afghan CBD resin now and take advantage of the remaining stock.

This resin is meticulously manufactured in France in total compliance with the legislation in force. Which makes it legal for sale and consumption. Guarantee without sulfates, antifungal and pesticides, this resin is natural and organic.

It comes from the factory the street of the pellet which is one of the French leaders in distribution of CBD products. You will also like its heavy paste design which makes it easy to use in a vapoteuse or any other accessory.

You have the freedom to consume this resin CBD Afghan As you want according to your habits. Just note that this is a very concentrated product and you should not go excess. Learn gradually to familiarize yourself before inhaling large quantities.

Afghan CBD resin rate - 39%

With its 39% CBD, it must be said that the Afghan CBD resin is one of the most powerful resins available on the market. In addition, its CBD rate makes it very effective to fight against the stress, anxiety, inflammation. If you consume this resin at the end of the day, you can benefit from its relaxing effects before sleeping. Indeed, it helps you fight against insomnia and find a deep and regenerative sleep.

Afghan CBD resin effects - 39%

The Afghan CBD resin has nothing more to prove, this CBD resin, the fruit of a mixture of flowers and hemp pollen, offers different beneficial effects for stress, anxiety and for the mind.

It is possible to feel a calm during consumption since the Afghan CBD resin. This means that your daily stress will be eliminated.

The consumption modes of the Afghan CBD resin?

To consume your CBD resin, you have the choice between different consumption modes. We recommend several ways to consume your Afghan CBD resin to enjoy all of its therapeutic benefits.


How about preparing a CBD herbal tea with your Afghan resin - 39%? You will therefore benefit from the benefits of the Afghan CBD resin and all its flavors. To make your infusion nothing simpler! Heated water and add a fatty body (butter, milk) for example.

The fatty substance allows the cannabidiol molecule to adhere to your preparation because the CBD is liposoluble. So we must not forget this step to take full advantage of the cannabidiol.


This consumption method allows you to take advantage of the CBD resin benefits without inhaling the harmful substances linked to combustion as is the case by smoking your resin. You will therefore benefit from all the benefits of this resin without drawbacks. To consume the Afghan CBD resin in vaporization, use a vaporizer adapted for this purpose and heat between 160 and 220c °.

In the kitchen

Using this resin in the kitchen is a good option to enjoy the powerful effects of the Afghan CBD resin. You can incorporate a small amount in all your preparations, both sweet and salty.


It's about smoking your CBD resin. However, this method of administration directly impacts the lungs and promotes the appearance of potentially serious respiratory diseases.

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