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Critical CBD flower + 2.0 [Hydro]

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The Critical+ 2.0 CBD flower is a hybrid plant that comes from Switzerland. It is the result of a cross between Shunk and Alghani and improvement processes compared to its initial version (1.0). Visually attractive, this CBD plant is also tasty Thanks to its sweet and sweet notes not far from the Bubble-Gum.

We also love its power and versatility that lets feel its lemon aromas, d ’spices and of grilled peanuts. If you are fans of organic products, this CBD flower will allow you to get in harmony with your sofa. Likewise, Critical+ 2.0 CBD is, like all our flowers for sale, in accordance with the regulations in force which frames the marketing of cannabis.

As a particularity, this legal hemp of hemp is renowned for its body effects and its global relaxation properties. To relax, many consumers trust this flower and are never disappointed. She is also the flower of CBD par excellence when you want to hunt stress and chronic pain. So why resist this wonder that is the flower CBD Critical+ 2.0 ? Order now and let yourself be seduced.

How to consume the Critical+ 2.0 CBD flower?

To take full advantage of cannabidiol And flavors of the Critical CBD flower+ 2.0 you will have the choice between several consumption modes.

In infusion:

The Critical+ 2.0 CBD flower will be perfect for shaping cannabidiol to all CBD herbal teas lovers. To prepare your CBD infusion nothing simpler. You need hot water with a fatty body (milk for example), In order to allow cannabinoids to better spread in the drink and finally obviously the CBD Critical+ 2.0 flower head. Mix everything, let infuse and rest your preparation for about 10-15min.

In vaporization:

Vaporization makes it possible to inhale vapors rich in cannabinoids, all without the disadvantages of combustion! Use a grass vaporizer to do this and place a small CBD head in the room before heating and inhaling.

By combustion:

We absolutely not recommend this practice, it is to smoke your flower of CBD. It is strongly recommended not to encourage this method of administration which could impact health.

In the kitchen :

With its superb lemon and sweet taste, this flower CBD will be perfect for creating delicious dishes or even your CBD desserts! Its lemony flavor will marry perfectly with are very pronounced on the sweet to enjoy a perfect moment of relaxation and pleasure!

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